May 23, 2017

Electrical Cooperative Video shoot visit

I’m a photographer and videographer by trade and I love capturing stories. I need to post more of my work trips when I’m not shooting portraits or weddings and wanted to share some photos of a Cooperative visit I did last week.

I was on work travel covering a story about a CEO at a local Electrical Cooperative in Gettysburg, PA. During my time, I shoot some behind the scenes content of my shoot and aerial footage as well. Just wanted to share some this Cooperative story and the ‘droneography’ content I shot for them.

Adams Electric Co-op from above-12     Adams Electric Co-op from above-8   Adams Electric Co-op from above-3 NRECA Adams Electric Coop Visit_5.15.2017-3NRECA Adams Electric Coop Visit_5.15.2017-13

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