October 16, 2016

Noah and Ella family portraits

I got to meet Ella, Noah, and their wonderful family for some family portraits. Noah was only a few weeks old when I met him but man, the dude has some awesome personality. And Ella, what an angel! She was a super helpful being my test subject as I got my camera settings set up and she was always ready for smiles. And Noah was amazing as we did a variety of outfit changes and he was ready for photo to be taken.

So happy for this wonderful family and the amount of awesomeness really showed in the photos, especially with Ella being my little helper.

noah_ella_portraits01 noah_ella_portraits02 noah_ella_portraits03 noah_ella_portraits04 noah_ella_portraits05 noah_ella_portraits06 noah_ella_portraits07 noah_ella_portraits08 noah_ella_portraits09 noah_ella_portraits10 noah_ella_portraits11 noah_ella_portraits12 noah_ella_portraits13 noah_ella_portraits14 noah_ella_portraits15 noah_ella_portraits16 noah_ella_portraits17 noah_ella_portraits18