March 9, 2015

Online Private Gallery

With the previous post about images being delivered by USB to clients, this is a part 2 of what clients receive. Besides the images in high resolutions, I also provide an online gallery with all of the images for the clients. This is another form of a slideshow or online gallery, in which, clients are able to share the link with others as another way to view the images.

The online gallery is either password protected or not and can be accessed by a hidden link that I provide to you. I think this is another great way to view your images on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone as the images glide by. This is another way to showcase your images not through social media, but as a private way of you just sitting back and viewing the images.

By request, I can also add up to 5 songs of your choice to the online gallery for viewing at no charge.

Stay on the look out for the final part in this 3 part series of content delivery.

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